Career Coaching

The Career Center at Nestor University helps you to be prepared beforehand for tensed and distressing few moments of your life. Yep, you’re right. Interviews!

A job interview can be nerve wrecking and make you anxious. As a result, you panic and forget to mention important information to your potential employer. Interview is a very important process for managers to gauge the abilities and skills of employee before they finally come to the decision to hire the employee. At Nestor University, we have a pool of career counsellors to assist you and help you prepare fully for the interview procedure. The minutes you spend prepping in advance will be the moments that you will be thankful for later when you ace in your interviews.

Below are a list of few tips describing what can be done to prepare yourself before, during and post a job interview.

Pre-Interview Prep

Following is a list of few pre-interview tips to help you shine in your interview.

  • Thoroughly look at the job specification and the job description.
  • Review their web site and learn as much about the department as you can
  • Go through your resume thoroughly and be prepared in advance to discuss your skills, experiences and competencies.
  • Be sure about who your references are. They should be credible people who are well aware about your skills, abilities, accomplishments. Strong points, education, behavior, etc. And with whom you have had good experiences in the past so that they can put in good words for you such as your current or past supervisor, colleague, teacher, etc.
  • It is always wise to bring more than one copy of your resume and a notebook and pen.
  • Your dressing should reflect that you are neat, composed and mature. Appearance should reflect good taste and confidence.
  • Be very sure about the interview location beforehand, gather directions and confirm the time. Make sure to arrive 15 minutes before time.

During The Interview

  • The first and foremost thing during the interview is to relax and not letting stress take over you. Consider the interview as a casual conversation and not a question/answer session.
  • Be very energetic. Employers like people who are full of energy. Be confident and honest in your answers
  • Listen very carefully to the questions the interviewers ask and give a concise and well thought upon answer
  • Make sure you convey information about the organization and the position, showing that you have done your research before the interview
  • Ask relevant and appropriate questions related to the job, department, career opportunities
  • Make sure you give the employer a list of suitable references and any letter of recommendation if asked for
  • Close the interview session with a firm handshake and duly thank the interview panel for taking out time to conduct your interview.

Post-Interview Prep

  • Employers prefer friendly and well-mannered candidates. It is advisable to send a thank you note to the employer within 24 to 48 hours of the interview. Mention your interest in the position, mention how great it was to meet such known corporate names and your contact information.
  • In case you are not deemed suitable for the job, it is wise to ask the employer your area(S) of improvement which can help you perform better in upcoming interviews along with your contact information.