Internship Placement Services

The career center at Nestor University works in conjunction with faculty members and employers to help students find relevant internships, jobs and experiential education. The main objective is to provide them with career building skills through the use of variety of career resources.

Nestor University’s Career Center assists students in the following areas:

  • Look for or place a student in an internship in a well-reputed organization.
  • Ensure students learn important interviewing, networking and communication skills.
  • Grow strong netwroking with big corporate names
  • Prepare the student for employment in top-notch organizations.

Essentials of Internship:

Nestor University equips its students with an opportunity to learn firsthand business experiences and the ability to apply course book concepts into practical world even before completion of the degree. It helps students get better understandings of the concepts that they learn in their career. Employers nowadays look for candidates who have some previous internship experience in their field because it enables them to be better informed in their field.

Benefits of internship:

There are numerous benefits of doing internships before the completion of the degree. These are:

  • It makes the CV of the student stronger
  • Helps the students build a large professional network
  • Develop a thorough understanding and grasp over the field
  • Opportunity to apply and use textbook concept and theories in practical situations
  • Become aware of general work ethics and functions
  • Become more adaptable and learn ethics of working in an organizational culture
  • Develop and gain hold over transferable skills such as strong communication skills, effective time-management, report writing, organizational skills, writing and customer service.

Top Hiring Companies

World’s leading organizations hire Nestor University graduates because our students possess excellent knowledge imparted by the best in the field and their expertise they possess in their academic field.