Corporate Partners

Nestor University has not only directed efforts towards equipping our students with the best online education but we are also keen in making the future of our graduates bright by helping them gain the right skills set and pool of knowledge. For this reason, we have partnered with the best available faculty who are expert in their fields and with the corporate society and employers.

We always keep our corporate partners involved and informed whenever there occurs some amendments in the curriculum or some batch is graduating. Additionally, they inform our graduates on priority basis whenever there is a vacancy. Out of those potential candidates, they select the best candidate and hire him/her. This way we aim to facilitate all i.e. our students, business professionals and employers.

Our students being hired in the leading positions in these organizations is an indicator of the high quality of our education and the skills that we impart to our students along with the practical exposure.


Getting firsthand practical experience of the market is the key for the student to be able to tackle those challenges and learn practical exposure. Nestor University provides internship opportunities to our students by affiliating with our corporate partners who induct and train our students in their organization for a period of 6 months or more. Employers place great importance on internships because they give students the opportunity to learn things which course books alone won’t teach them.


Nestor University has opened placement offices in all 6 continents of the world and have hired representatives in every region. We have a pact with our partner employers that they inform us if they require some students for a regional assignment. This is a very good opportunity for students to learn new things, play your part in a big project and establish a goodwill with big corporate names.


Becoming a partner employer with Nestor University, you get full fledge access to our graduates who are the best performers in their academia and you can also suggest your employers to study in our courses. Learning is an ongoing process and when your employers lack in a particular aspect, you can get them enrolled in our university and help them grasp the best of knowledge. We will ensure that this is a mutually beneficial relationship not only for our students but our corporate partners as well.

Some students outperform in their jobs and their employers refer them to get special reduction in education fees. They get considerable amount reduced because they are vouched for by credible sources. Our students get the chance to earn internationally recognized online degrees and make their CV’s stronger that proves to be beneficial for them in the future.

You can inquire for more details by contacting our Student Counsellors at 1-844-334-9243 and discuss our employer status.