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Dated: 04-April-2017

Nestor University has awarded reduction in tuition fees to 26 students in 2016 who are recognized by the corporate partners. These students were hired by the corporate partners as an internee on 6+ month project and they outperformed in their job. They learnt several skills and used them in their everyday work. The employers vouched for them and put in good words. Therefore, we have reduced their tuition fees to half for the next 6 months. “We are extremely proud of our students who make us proud with their talent and abilities and to appreciate them, we are providing them scholarships. We are reducing their tuition fees to half to support them and motivate them to reach even greater heights”, said the dean at Nestor University. He further added, “Since the inception of this scholarship practice from the 1st year of our operations, our students get motivated and perform to the best of their abilities. This not only helps them be recognized for their work but also helps them foster positive relationship with big corporate names”.

“It’s very motivating to see that we are recognized by our university and specially, when the recognition comes from one of the biggest names of the industry, it’s a very pleasing feeling, describes Nicholas. She is a business student and is awarded a waiver of $5,000 in tuition fees.

The main aim behind this scholarship awarded to students is to motivate them to keep on performing and achieve the maximum of their potential. Factually, Nestor University is the only online university to offer such placement opportunities to students. Furthermore, the only online university to provide scholarships to 26 students at a time and reduce their tuition fees to half.