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Dated: 06-June-2017

Nestor University’s esteemed professor Dr. Schmidt Glan is nominated in the prestigious “Awards for Excellence in Business, Economics and Mathematics Mentoring”. This award function is held annually in the USA and has nominations in different fields from every corner of the world. The criteria for these awards is very high and only those professors who contribute immensely to the advancement of the subject and contributing positively to the betterment of the world.

Dr. Schmidt Glan teaches business courses in Nestor University. “I am humbled to be nominated at the Excellence awards. When I started teaching my foremost aim was to impart my skills to my students. And today, after being nominated in the most prestigious teaching awards of the world, I think I’m a step closer to my mission, said Dr. Glan.

“Teaching at Nestor University has broadened my view of teaching. Previously I taught in physical schools. But when I started teaching at an online education school, I was impressed by how the students differ in cultures, ethnicities, religions and country of origin. This teaching experience is a learning experience for me as well because I get to know so many different views from so many parts of the world”, he further added.

Dr. Glan conducts research on the application of state-contingent approach to production theory. This research is expected to bring about new discoveries that will alter the working of economies. Nestor University is very proud to have such qualified and talented individuals as our faculty members.