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Dated: 18-July-2017

Nestor University, which is the most acknowledged name in online education, is introducing the faculty of performing arts. At Nestor University, we wish to nurture and sustain the passion and creativity of individuals and help them make a difference with their talent. We are the first online school to provide an online degree in performing arts alongside several other fields such as nursing, social sciences, business & management, etc.

We have designed this program as an endeavor to achieve unmatched excellence in arts education through utilizing well-versed and well-composed curriculum, while fostering and sustaining the creative aspect of people, alleviating their self-confidence and motivating and enhancing the passion of art in our students. We have inculcated in this program high quality education, excellent musicals, concerts, plays, etc. We are extremely proud of introducing this discipline because it is not easily available online. We also plan to equip our students with a number of different activities at the national or international levels.

We motivate our students who have passion for art to bring out the best in themselves. We provide them with the arena to convert their passion into their career. We want people to be able to relive their passion in art with our carefully designed performing arts program.

The admissions for the program will be announced soon along with the eligibility criteria and other necessary details. The information, along with the admission form, will be made available on the web soon.