Degree Program

Nestor University Degree Programs are formulated after extensive research by top-notch scholars and industry experts who make sure that the curriculum matches with international standards. The comprehensive nature of the curriculum prepares the individual to conquer the complexities and challenges of the global era. We are an internationally recognized online university offering a number of world-class courses, very interactive educational classes, top-notch faculty members and free of cost course material to our students.

Nestor University, with its comprehensive and internationally credited curriculum, is offering online degrees at 3 mutually exclusive levels. These levels are designed specifically to facilitate the students, corporate professionals and other individuals. Described below are the three degree program options available from which you can choose.

Associate Degree Program

Our most acknowledged degree program is the Associate Degree Program which provides several students globally to get their hands on the globally recognized online degree programs. Currently, we are offering a total of 71 different major courses in 16 various schools which are apt at providing plenty of general and specialized fields in those courses.
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Bachelor’s Degree Program

Nestor University is celebrated worldwide for providing our students with an opportunity to educate themselves on international standards and equip themselves with the best hands-on knowledge by the best in the industry to outshine and progress in the highly competitive and demanding business environment of the 21st era. We offer, in our globally recognized online Bachelor’s degree program, 71 unique majors in our 16 diverse schools
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Master’s Degree Program

At Nestor University, we offer a diverse range of internationally credited online master’s degree programs that not only serves to equip you with top-notch knowledge but also serves to create responsible and learned individuals for the society. This type of online degree holds more significance for working individuals because of the time flexibility that it provides, excellent international standards curriculum, internationally qualified top-notch faculty members and the convenience of going online and attending classes from any corner of the world.

This master’s degree program is best suited for individuals seeking to accelerate their career cycle, alleviate the growth trend, greater job opportunities and a specialization in your current field of work.
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PhD Program

The most prestigious of all degrees that every bright individual wishes to achieve is a PhD degree. At Nestor University, our team of experts are continuously revising and updating the curriculum for each degree program to be able to better match the international standards and equip our students with the best of knowledge. Our core aim is to ensure we provide the best learning sources to our students. Our excellent pool of learned faculty members from all across the globe adds more to the overall learning experience.

We have 8 specialized and focused schools offering PhD degree programs in all major disciplines of study whereas 4 of our prestigious and renowned schools are assigned exclusively to offer PhD degree programs in unique and specialized disciplines.
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