Doctorate Degree Programs

Objective of the Program

The Doctorate (PhD) degree program being offered by Nestor University is very famous for its credibility and the learned individuals it produce. This program provides the correct mix of theory details and advanced research education providing the student with the best hands-on experience and knowledge about the field of interest to excel in their careers. Initially, students are equipped with the best available pool of skills required to surpass the limits of success and enable them with excellent sets of skills needed to conduct a focused research followed by the production of a research paper at the end which is used as the fundamental testing tool to evaluate doctorate candidates.

We equip our students with the best available research coursework and well-versed tutorials and trainings to enable them to turn out the best in their respective fields of work. This vigorous assessment and skillful training helps create proficient and able individuals by the end of the program.
We offer 2 types of Doctorate degree programs at Nestor University:

1- Doctorate Degree (PhD) Applied and;
2- Doctorate Degree (PhD) Research

Moreover, we also provide our students with the option of getting their previously earned credits transferred and get exemption for some courses; thereby shortening the length of the degree program.

Admission Requirements

To become eligible to apply for Nestor University’s doctorate degree program, a student must possess a master’s degree (or equivalent) from a well-known and accredited educational institution. Students who wish to pursue their doctorate degrees online studying the best course and under the supervision of the best available faculty, must fulfill the criteria mentioned above. For more information or details, kindly reach out to our Admission Counselor.


Eligibility Criteria Master''s degree or equiv. international education
Total Credit Hours 54
Total Courses 3
Approx. Program Completion Time Less than 2 year
Depends on your pace - you can even complete in lesser time!
Yearly Program Fee $6,750
Credit Transfer All credits will be accepted.
With the help of credit transfer, you can reduce your fee and time required to complete the degree program.
Student & Alumni Area You will get personalized student & alumni area.
Study Material Provided FREE!
All study material will be available in your online classroom. You don't need to buy any books.
Study Mode Online self paced and self study
Study from your home, office or any other place
  • Courses may vary on basis of credit hours earned by an applicant.
  • Total fee will be calculated after deducting the amount earned through scholarship.
  • Since its a self paced program, overall duration may vary.