Undergraduate Certifications Program


Nestor University’s offers the best online certificate programs which are designed to expand your knowledge, add skills to your portfolio, enhance understanding and develop competence required to stay ahead in the competitive job market. We deliver industry responsive course curriculum to ensure academic excellence and career success. Students and working adults can easily enhance their academic credential while fulfilling professional commitments. Our online certificate programs are help you search for better opportunities and recognition by continuously keeping you updated with the latest development in their respective fields.

Undergraduate Course Certificate programs at Nestor University gives students the knowledge and skills needed to embark on career in today’s competitive job market. Students will gain the skills, knowledge and credentials required to succeed. The comprehensive course curriculum is focused on providing knowledge and skills in the relevant area of interest to help students develop their skills.

Admission Requirements

To apply for Nestor University’s Certificate Program a student must hold a High School Diploma (or equivalent) from a well-known and internationally recognized school.

Students who wish to pursue their certificate degree through getting world-class academia and learning that Nestor University offers, must meet the above mentioned criteria to become eligible. To inquire about more information, please feel free to contact our Admission Counselors.


Eligibility Criteria A-Levels, GSE, High School Diploma or equiv. international education
Total Credit Hours 6
Total Courses 1
Approx. Program Completion Time Less than 1 months
Depends on your pace - you can even complete in lesser time!
Yearly Program Fee $600
Credit Transfer All credits will be accepted.
With the help of credit transfer, you can reduce your fee and time required to complete the degree program.
Student & Alumni Area You will get personalized student & alumni area.
Study Material Provided FREE!
All study material will be available in your online classroom. You don't need to buy any books.
Study Mode Online self paced and self study
Study from your home, office or any other place

Please Note:

  • Courses may vary on basis of credit hours earned by an applicant.
  • Total fee will be calculated after deducting the amount earned through scholarship.
  • Since its a self paced program, overall duration may vary.